We are pleased to announce the graduation of MMM Lab members Karen DeMille and Carter Cocke.

Karen DeMille successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation entitled Establishment of Representative Volume Elements for Microstructurally Small Cracks Using Numerical Simulation and Machine Learning.  In her dissertation, she explores the question: “What is the minimum volume of microstructure needed to accurately capture the fields around a microstructurally small crack?”.  Since graduating, she has been working as a Research Mechanical Engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).  Congratulations, Dr. DeMille!

Karen’s Ph.D. defense.


Celebrating Dr. Karen DeMille after her Ph.D. defense.









Carter Cocke successfully defended his M.S. thesis entitled Implementation and Experimental Validation of Nonlocal Damage in a Large-strain Elasto-viscoplastic FFT-based Model for Predicting Ductile Fracture in 3D Polycrystalline Materials.  Carter’s work involved implementing a continuum damage mechanics model into an FFT framework with crystal plasticity, which enables simulation of complete failure in polycrystalline materials in a computationally efficient manner. Carter will be starting his Ph.D. program at Caltech this fall.  Congratulations, Carter!



Carter’s M.S. thesis defense.


Carter’s graduation.