MMM Lab members recently presented work at the TMS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. The following presentations included MMM Lab members:

  • Predicting Microstructurally Sensitive Fatigue-crack Path in WE43 Magnesium Using High-fidelity Numerical Modeling and Three-dimensional Experimental Characterization: Brian Phung, Duncan Greeley (Univ. of Michigan), Mohammadreza Yaghoobi (Univ. of Michigan), John Allison (Univ. of Michigan), Ashley Spear
  • Accelerating Microstructurally Small Crack Growth Predictions in Three-dimensional Microstructures Using Deep Learning: Vignesh Babu Rao, Brian Phung, Bjorn Johnsson, Ashley Spear
  • Predicting Microstructure-sensitive Fracture Behavior in AM IN625 Using a Damage-enabled Elasto-viscoplastic FFT Framework: Ashley Spear, Carter Cocke, Brian Phung, Laura Ziegler, Elliott Marsden, Vignesh Babu Rao
  • Parameterizing Surface Defects and Internal Porosity to Predict Fracture Location in As-built AM Tensile Specimens Using a Modified Void Descriptor Function: Elliott Marsden, Dillon Watring (Naval Research Laboratory), John Erickson (Sandia National Laboratories), Laura Ziegler, Andrew Chuang (Argonne National Laboratory), Ashley Spear
  • Scaling Microstructure-dependent Mechanical Properties to Bulk Material Properties Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks: Laura Ziegler, Carter Cocke, Ashley Spear

Current and former members of the MMM Lab also met up to enjoy a reunion lunch.


MMM Lab reunion during TMS 2023. From left to right: Carter Cocke, Dillon Watring, Brian Phung, Nadia Kouraytem, Jimmy He, Ashley Spear, Elliott Marsden, Christopher Bettencourt (USU student of Nadia Kouraytem), Laura Ziegler.