Courses Offered by Prof. Spear

  • Statics – ME EN 2010, University of Utah
  • Continuum Mechanics – ME EN 5530/6530, University of Utah
  • Fracture and Fatigue – ME EN 7530, University of Utah
  • Introduction to the Finite Element Method – ME EN 5510/6510, University of Utah (fall 2016)
  • Statics and Introduction to Mechanics of Materials – ME EN 1300, University of Utah (fall 2015, spring 2016)
  • Modern Structures – CEE/ENGRI 1160, Cornell University (fall 2014)

Teaching-Related Awards

Journal Publications Resulting from Class Projects

  • A.D. Spear, M.W. Czabaj, P. Newell, et al. The Third Sandia Fracture Challenge: From Theory to Practice in a Classroom Setting, International Journal of Fracture. 2019.
  • S.L.B. Kramer, B.L. Boyce, A. Jones, A. Mostafa, B. Ravaji, T. Tancogne-Dejean, C. Roth, M. G. Bandpay, K. Pack, J.T. Foster, M. Behzadinasab, J. Sobotka, J.M. McFarland, J. Stein, A.D. Spear, et al. The Third Sandia Fracture Challenge: Predictions of Ductile Fracture in Additively Manufactured Metal, International Journal of Fracture. 2019.
  • Feliciano, J., Cortina, G., Spear, A.D., Calaf, M. Generalized analytical displacement model for wind turbine towers under aerodynamic loading. Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics. 2018. 176:120-130. doi:10.1016/j.jweia.2018.03.018

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