Ashley Spear

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D., Cornell University, Civil Engineering
B.S. with Honors, University of Wyoming, Architectural Engineering

Curriculum vitae



Ph.D. Students



Brian Phung

B.S., University of Utah, Mechanical Engineering
Simulation of 3D Crack Growth in Heterogeneous Materials (AFOSR YIP)



Wesley Tayon

M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Mechanical Engineering
B.S., Old Dominion University, Mechanical Engineering
Deformation and Delamination Mechanisms in Highly Textured Al-Li Alloys (NASA Advanced Degree Program)



Dongfang Zhao

M.S., University of Denver, Mechanical Engineering
B.E., Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Polymer Materials Science & Engineering
3D Polycrystal Simulations of Open-Cell Aluminum Foams (NSF DMREF)


  M.S. Students



Karen DeMille

B.S., Utah State University, Mechanical Engineering
RVEs for Heterogeneous Materials Containing Short Cracks (AFOSR YIP)




Undergraduate Students

Jayden Plumb

Mechanical Engineering (BS/MS Program)
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
3D Grain Scale Characterization of Open-Cell Aluminum Foams (NSF DMREF)




Kyle Pierson

Computer Science (BS/MS Program)
Predicting 3D Crack Growth by Machine Learning (AFOSR YIP)
Co-Advised by: Dr. Tom Fletcher, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute




Iman Amin Javaheri

Mechanical Engineering
Establishment of RVE for Open-Cell Foams Using Numerical Simulation (NSF DMREF)



Katie Bezdjian

Mechanical Engineering
K-12 Outreach Program (NSF DMREF)


Previous UROP Students

Nathan Wilkinson, Computer Science
Kory Cross, Mechanical Engineering


Collaborators, Visitors, and Other Contributors

Dr. Jonathan Lind – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Joe Tucker – Exponent Failure Analysis Associates

Prof. Robert SuterProfessor of Physics, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Brittany Coats – Developmental Head Injury Biomechanics Lab

Dr. Jacob Hochhalter – NASA Langley Research Center

Prof. Rebecca Brannon  The University of Utah Computational Solid Mechanics Research Group

Arun Parmar – M.S. student, University of Utah, Computer Science


The Multiscale Mechanics & Materials Laboratory is always looking for creative, motivated, and hard-working graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in conducting cutting-edge research involving computational modeling, visualization, and materials characterization. Inquiries should be directed to Dr. Spear.