Members from the MMM Lab will be giving six presentations throughout the summer at various national and international venues. Below is a list of all presentations going on this summer.

US-COMP Biannual Meeting,  Tallahassee, Florida, May 2018:

  • ¬†Reinforcement Learning Combined with Molecular Dynamics Simulations for the Design of Ultra-High-Strength Carbon Nanotube Composites presented by Dr. Aowabin Rahman.

Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Conference, MIT, Boston, Massachusetts, May 2018:

  • Determination of Representative Volume Elements for Small Cracks in Heterogeneous Domains¬†presented by Karen DeMille.

3D Materials Science (3DMS), Elsinore, Denmark, June 2018:

  • 3D Grain Mapping of Open-cell Aluminum Foam by Synthetic-data Fusion with Experimental Data from HEDM presented by Dr. Ashley Spear.
  • Site-specific Property Maps of Additively Manufactured SS316L Using a Mesoscale, Multi-physics Modeling Framework presented by Dr. Ashley Spear on behalf of Dr. Nadia Kouraytem.

World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM), New York City, July 2018:

  • 3D Crystal-Plastic Particle-in-Cell Simulation of Open-Cell Metal Foam presented by Dongfang Zhao.
  • Site-specific Property Maps of Additively Manufactured Metals Using a Mesoscale, Multi-Physics Modeling Framework presented by Carl Herriott.conferences_summer_2018