MMM Lab members recently traveled to Europe to present their latest research results.

International Conference on Fracture

Brian Phung and Karen DeMille gave talks at the International Conference on Fracture (ICF) in Rhodes, Greece.  ICF14Phung’s presentation was entitled A Voxel-Based Meshing Framework for the Simulation of Arbitrary 3D Crack Growth in Heterogeneous Materials. DeMille’s presentation was entitled Determination of Representative Volume Element for Small Cracks in Heterogeneous Domains.

Both Phung and DeMille are spending the summer at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, OH.

 Mechanics in Scientific Discovery

Prof. Spear gave a talk in Florence, Italy, at a workshop on “Mechanics in Scientific Discovery”. The workshop was organized by Roberto Ballarini (University of Houston), Brian Cox (Arachne Consulting), Gianni Royer-Carfagni (University of Parma), and Paolo Spinelli (University of Florence).  Spear’s talk was entitled On the Use of Machine Learning to Discover Predictors of Small-Crack Growth.

Workshop attendees and family gathered at the Medici Villa in Tuscany.
Workshop attendees and family gathered at the Medici Family Villa in Tuscany.