• A Look at the Future

    The MMM Lab launched a new outreach program to introduce students from Glendale Middle School to X-ray computed tomography, 3D printing, and technical writing. The semester-long program culminated with a visit to the UofU campus and a sneak peek of a commencement ceremony.

    This program is sponsored by the NSF (award #1629660).

  • Conventional Versus Additively Manufactured Open-Cell Metal Foams

    Recent work from the MMM Lab reveals some interesting comparisons between conventional open-cell aluminum foam and "twins" created by additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. The work was presented at the Materials Science & Technology conference held here in Salt Lake City.

    Access Full Paper
  • High-Fidelity Meshes for Short-Crack Growth Simulations

    New work from the MMM Lab and collaborators describes a method for generating high-fidelity conformal meshes to simulate microstructurally small fatigue crack growth. Read this and other articles in a new special issue of FFEMS.

    Special Issue of FFEMS
  • Work Highlighted in APS Science

    A recent annual report published by Argonne National Laboratory includes a highlight of the MMM Lab's collaborative work with Drs. Bob Suter, Frankie Li, Jonathan Lind, and Tony Ingraffea. Read more about this plus other highlights from the APS by downloading the full report.

    Download APS Science 2014
  • Multiscale Modeling & Materials Characterization

    Multiscale modeling techniques are employed to capture the mechanics acting across multiple length scales. Currently, the group focuses on concurrent multiscale modeling from microstructure to component length scales.

  • Fracture Mechanics

    The group specializes in characterizing and simulating 3-D fracture and fatigue, which play an important role in structural prognosis and materials design and optimization.

  • 3-D Materials Characterization

    Synchrotron-based measurements are used to characterize 3-D crack evolution at the microstructural length scale in polycrystalline metals.

    Measurements are performed at the Advanced Photon Source in collaboration with colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

  • Digital Reconstruction

    3-D measurements are converted to finite element models to perform numerical experiments, or simulations.

    Learn about DREAM.3D
  • Concurrent Multiscale Modeling

    Multiscale modeling enables the computation and quantification of fields (like stress) across relevant length scales. Often times, such fields cannot be quantified solely through physical experimentation.

Multiscale Mechanics & Materials Lab

Our group conducts cutting-edge research at the nexus of materials and structures. We couple materials characterization with high-performance computing to address a wide range of research topics that are especially pertinent to the defense, aerospace, and manufacturing communities.


We believe that by pursuing a 3-D understanding of material and mechanical behavior across multiple length scales, we can begin to design smarter, multifunctional, and more sustainable structural systems to suit the needs of a dynamic society.

Tools & Techniques

We employ various types of computing resources to simulate and predict 3-D mechanical behavior of materials, with emphasis on fatigue and fracture. We support numerical modeling with advanced materials characterization techniques, including scanning electron microscopy (SEM), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), and high-energy X-ray diffraction microscopy (HEDM) to characterize and quantify material structure at lower length scales. Finally, we develop methods to analyze, visualize, and effectively communicate the 3-D information obtained from our measurements and simulations.

Recent Activity

Raeymaekers and Spear receive $3M award from DOD

Raeymaekers and Spear receive $3M award from DOD

Professors Bart Raeymaekers and Ashley Spear have received a $3M award from the DoD to create a new manufacturing platform that will help advance economic and[...]

Plumb and Wilkinson present at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Plumb and Wilkinson present at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Undergraduate researchers and MMM Lab members, Jayden Plumb and Nate Wilkinson, presented their research at the recent Undergraduate Research Symposium held at the University of Utah.[...]

MMM Lab to Participate in $15M NASA Space Technology Research Institute

MMM Lab to Participate in $15M NASA Space Technology Research Institute

Researchers in the MMM Lab will participate in a NASA-funded Space Technology Research Institute (STRI), which will receive $15M over the next five years. The Institute for [...]