Current Research Topics

3-D Multiscale Modeling Combined with Machine Learning for a Novel Structural-Prognosis Framework


  • Sponsor: U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (Young Investigator Program)
  • MMM Lab Investigators: Brian Phung, Karen DeMille, Kyle Pierson


3-D Multiscale Characterization and Modeling of Open-Cell Metallic Foams


  • Sponsor: National Science Foundation
  • MMM Lab Investigators: Dongfang Zhao, Jayden Plumb, Iman Javahery
  • Collaborators: Michael Czabaj, Tom Fletcher, Kris Matheson


Delamination Initiation and Growth in Highly Textured Al-Li Alloys


  • Sponsor: NASA Langley Research Center (Advanced Degree Program)
  • MMM Lab Investigator: Wesley Tayon


Characterization of Additively Manufactured Metallic Foams


  • Sponsor: University of Utah (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • MMM Lab Investigator: Kory Cross
  • Collaborators: Kris Matheson, Matt Nowell (Ametek)